(NTECH) is a space where nurses, multidisciplinary faculty, community members, and technology partners work together to prevent and manage chronic conditions in adults.

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Our Vision

To ease the impact of chronic conditions in daily life.

NTECH strives to create a world where adults living with chronic conditions can enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful life. We envision a future where individuals with chronic conditions can live independently, have access to effective treatments and supportive technologies, and feel empowered to manage their health with confidence. Our primary vision is to ease the impact of chronic conditions in daily life, by advancing innovative solutions through innovative research and collaboration with healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders. With a relentless commitment to improving the lives of those affected by chronic conditions, we are dedicated to creating a brighter future for all.

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Our Mission

To develop and promote health technology addressing chronic conditions.

At NTECH, our mission is to conduct rigorous and innovative research to address the complex challenges faced by adults living with chronic conditions. We are committed to developing and implementing technology-based solutions that enhance the quality of life of older adults. We strive to promote a person centered approach, where individuals are empowered to participate in their care and make informed decisions. Through collaboration and partnership with experts in various fields, we aim to drive scientific discovery and translate research findings into tangible benefits for those living with chronic conditions.

Core Values

Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Integrity

NTECH is built on a foundation of core values that guide our work and shape our culture. We are committed to inclusiveness, believing that diversity in all its forms leads to more effective and impactful research. We also prioritize integrity, ensuring that our work is transparent, ethical, and accountable. Our dedication to innovation drives us to constantly seek new and innovative solutions to the complex challenges faced by individuals living with chronic conditions. Our approach is collaborative, emphasizing partnerships and teamwork with patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders. By embodying these core values, we strive to create a culture of inclusiveness, integrity, and innovation, and to achieve our ultimate goal of improving the lives of individuals living with chronic conditions.

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