A Conceptual Framework for Clinicians Working with Artificial Intelligence and Health-Assistive Smart Homes


Gordana Dermody
Roschelle Fritz


The Smart Home designed to extend older adults independence is emerging as a
clinical solution to the growing ageing population. Nurses will and should play a key
role in the development and application of Smart Home technology. Accordingly,
conceptual frameworks are needed for nurse scientists who are collaborating with
multidisciplinary research teams in developing an intelligent Smart Home that assists
with managing older adults’ health. We present a conceptual framework that is
grounded in critical realism and pragmatism, informing a unique mixed methodological
approach to generating, analyzing, and contextualizing sensor data for clinician-based
machine learning. This framework can guide nurse scientists in knowledge
construction as they participate in multidisciplinary health-assistive
Smart Home and
artificial intelligence research. In this paper, we review philosophical underpinnings
and explicate how this framework can guide nurse scientists collaborating with engineers to develop intelligent health-assistive Smart Homes. It is critical that clinical nursing knowledge is integrated into Smart Home and artificial intelligence features. A conceptual framework and practical method will provide needed structure for knowledge construction by nurse scientists.



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