Iterative Design of Visual Analytics for a Clinician-in-the-Loop Smart Home


Alireza Ghods
Kathleen Caffrey
Beiyu Lin
Kylie Fraga
Roschelle Fritz
Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe
Christopher Hundhausen
Senior Member, IEEE
and Diane J. Cook , Fellow, IEEE


In order to meet the health needs of the coming “age wave,” technology needs to be designed that supports remote health monitoring and assessment. In this study we design clinician in the loop (CIL), a clinician-in-the-loop visual interface, that provides clinicians with patient behavior patterns, derived from smart home data. A total of 60 experienced nurses participated in an iterative design of an interactive graphical interface for remote behavior monitoring. Results of the study indicate that usability of the system improves over multiple iterations of participatory design. In addition, the resulting interface is useful for identifying behavior patterns that are indicative of chronic health conditions and unexpected health events. This technology offers the potential to support self-management and chronic conditions, even for individuals living in remote locations.



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